Germ Killing

Using our Ultraviolet Light System in the air purifier, we can kill germs in the air

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Filter Fine Particles

With multi-layer filters, filter out unhealthy particles from the air you breathe

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Small but Powerful

The AP5K outperforms most Air Purifiers for its size. The unit might be a little loud for some situations, but the efficiency of the unit outdoes its size.

Product Description

Portable, takes up little space and powerful. This small unit has a high airflow. This unit is used for office spaces, factories and in most medium size areas, preferably places that are not noise sensitive. The Germitrol AP5K series can help fight sick building syndrome.

The P5K will effectively kill germs in your area and also trap fine particles.

The AP5K is effecitve at trapping fine particles.

The Germitrol AP5K series was design to be used where space is limited and cost-efficiency is required. It can be place at a corner and just be left to run. This unit is easy to maintain and you can simply DIY the changing of parts.


  • A portable unit that is really powerful.
  • Kill Germs with our UVC system
  • Remove Dust in the air with our Media Filter
  • Remove Fine Particles with our Electrostatic (Model dependent)
  • Remove Fine Particles with our HEPA Filter
  • Remove Odours with our Carbon Filter (Model dependent)
  • Enchance Germ Killing with our Photocatalytic(TiO2) Filters

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions
    570 x 370 x 265 mm
  • Weight
  • Input Voltage
  • Power Consumption
    Max 72watts
  • AP5K Filter Type
  • a) Electrostatic Filter
  • b) Pleated HEPA Filter
  • P5K Filter Type
  • a) Media Filter
  • b) Pleated HEPA Filter
  • c) Activated Carbon Filter 1
  • d) TiO2 Photocatalytic Filter
  • Area Coverage
    ~1000 to ~1700sqft
  • Mounting
    Floor Standing