The New Paper

"Suitcase-sized gadget to clear the air. There is a killer that promises to keep you healthy."

Business Times

"Bacteria, viruses and other airborne micro-organisms that are commonly present in the air are first drawn into Germitrol 200 before they are killed by ultra-violet light in the sterilizing chamber. Unlike the air filtering devices and ionizers normally found in offices, clinics and kitchens, and which were designed solely to trap dust and certain germs only, Germitrol 200 has been specifically designed to kill airborne micro-organisms."

TIBS Newsletter
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"This Singapore innovation busts the germs out of the air, takes the dust off and keeps smell at bay! An extremely useful equipment to keep in your car if you kids around, allergy or sinus problems and are keen on clean, healthy living."

Motherhood Magazine
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"As parents, we’ve all been keeping our child’s things clean so that our family can lead a happy, healthy life. But did you ever think to sterilize your air?.....Germitrol, when installed in enclosed areas will provide a clean, healthy and fresh environment for your family."

The Institution of Engineers, Singapore
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"It kills airborne bacteria and fungi using a patented UV system. Microbial evaluation of air quality in an aircon office, clinic, meat-cutting room, bakery room have shown that between 60% and 97% of bacteria, and 60% and 90% of fungi were killed. The Selection Committee felt that in introducing a smaller, affordable, portable version of the product, environment and quality of life enhancement will be carried further to “small-time” office and residential users"

The Singapore Design Award, TDB

"Innovative new product. Simple in appearance and well-thought out. Technically a good product"

Sarawak Tribune Newspaper

"Germitrol, an advanced technology air sterilizer product.....is now made available here for application at work places and even in your very own homes."

Borneo Post
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"Germitrol 200, an air sterilizer which kills germs efficiently, using a superior proven technology is now available here. Contaminated air affects the well-being and healthy living of everyone."

The Straits Times
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"Air sterilizers invented in Singapore and capable of killing airborne viruses, fungi and bacteria including the pneumonic plague..... “We are not short of medicine, but such equipment (Germitrol 200’s) is exactly the right thing the Indian health authorities want - Mr Nayar, the Indian High Commissioner"

The New Straits Times (Malaysia)
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"Germitrol has the ability of disinfecting the air as well as filtering lung damaging airborne pollutants such as volatile organic compounds and smoke particles to provide in return cleaner, fresher and germfree air."

Accent Magazine

"“Take things for granted, but not the air you breathe.” “How do you feel when someone around you sneezes heavily?” Clean and sterilized air, normally found in hospitals, is now available with Germitrol 200."

Auto International Magazine
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"A study conducted by environmental specialists show that air recirculating inside a motor vehicle can be 18 times more polluted than the air outside. Car seats, for eg. can accumulate organic deposits from passengers, creating a conducive environment for the growth of bacteria and fungi. Germitrol uses patented UV technology to kill micro-organisms."

Drive, Automobile Association of Malaysia
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"Protect you against other people’s germs when they talk, sneeze or cough. Absorbs exhaust gases and traffic fumes as well as kills germs."

Food & Hotel Asia Magazine Writeup
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"The new Germitrol 200...it is neither an air filter or an ionizer but it actually sterilizes the air."

South East Asia Building Magazine
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"The Germitrol air sterilizer, designed and developed by Singapore-based company....continues its award-winning run. Developed with assistance from Trade Development Board (TDB) and the Economic Development Board (EDB)."

Wine & Dine Magazine, Vol7No4
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"Generally, contaminated air affects the well being of everyone.... Germitrol 200 developed with the assistance of TDB, EDB and SISIR.... The food industry can benefit immensely from this equipment..... It continually sanitizes the air in food production areas such as food factories, hotel kitchens and restaurants."

Sun Wheel Car Magazine

"According to medical experts, we breathe in some 66kg or 10,000 litres of air every day. The only filtration the human being has is in the nose which has a combination of hair and mucous membrane. Then the air goes straight into our lungs, together with the millions of germs in it. Imagine having to pick up a friend or relative who is having a bad cold. The sneezes will introduce millions of ‘cold’ germs into the car interior. The aircon air is hopeless as it circulates contaminated air and in fact, pass it directly to the occupants. With Germitrol 12C, the air inside the car is sterilized....less chances of ‘cold’ germs multiplying in your car’s interior, infecting you and other occupants."

Gold for Green Newspaper

"Orders are coming in from offices, clinics and laboratories for Germitrol 200, a device that kills germs in air."

Office Essentials, Newsletter

"If germs spread disease, why not kill them? There are many diseases spread via airborne....ranging from the common flu to the deadly legionnaire diseases. It is a documented fact that air in enclosed buildings is typically more polluted than air outside the building. Well designed air purifiers may be effective in trapping dirt, dust.....but few (if any) claim to actually kill airborne germs. The Germitrol 200 does just that."

Asia Magazine

"Is your building sick? ...Unlike an ionizer which merely traps germs on filters, Germitrol 200 uses UV to effectively eliminate germs."

Singapore Tradenews, TDB

"Airesearch Technology Pte Ltd has come up with an innovative product that purifies air and kills harmful germs all at the same time."

Cleanrooms Magazine

"Airesearch Technology presents an air sterilizer specially designed to kill airborne micro-organisms as a supplement to HEPA filtration in clean rooms."

South East Asia Building Magazine

"When aircon is in operation, the indoor air is being recirculated....as such, the occupants of the room space are subjected to the increasing pollutant level that is added each time the air is being recirculated. Germitrol 100 is an air sterilizer developed to kill airborne germs constantly. The high concentration of germs in such a ‘sick building’ is exterminated by a gradual process whenever airborne germs pass through the sterilizing chamber of each Germitrol 100."

Extract from Prof Abdul Salam’s Paper on 1st ASEAN Conference on Food Safety.

"An air sterilizer using UV254 was studied to assess its effectiveness in reducing bacterial and fungal population in the air in various food industry environments. .... The results showed a significant reduction in the bacterial and fungal populations in food preparation rooms especially after 4-6 hrs of operation....Bacterial counts were reduced from 296 cfu/m3 to 20cfu/m3 after 6 hrs in the food quality control laboratory."

NSTB Annual Report Yearbook

"Healthier air for our lungs. Air ionizers and air filtration systems available in the 1980’s could not really kill airborne germs and the “Sick Building” Syndrome would have continue to pervade, if not for an ingenious innovation conceived by Mr Derek Seah."

Mr Yamabuta of Yamabuta Japanese School

“For the welfare of my students, I’ve installed Germitrol 200’s in my school. Now they are more attentive and alert as fresh and pure germ-free air from Germitrol 200 helps stimulate their minds and improves their concentration”

Singapore Trade News, Publication of TDB

"You can now be assured of 99.9% germfree air with new Germitrol 200 air sterilizer....The air sterilizer also eliminates viruses below 0.3 micron in size- the smallest in the group of micro-organisms. It is known that high efficiency filters cannot effectively trap these viruses."

Vincent Kuek, A Certified Public Accountant

"We found the air quality in the room improved tremendously....we would endorse the use of your air sterilizer product as it enhances the environment creating a more healthy living..."

Resident, Mr Patrick Loh, Harvey Ave

"After using it for a week, I discovered that my room was cleaner and fresher.....with Germitrol 200 in my room, I have a much better undisturbed sleep throughout the night. After a week of using of using Germitrol 200, I have decided to invest in another set for my children’s room....my children are less likely to catch the flu-bug from the sleep in maid and among themselves."

Mr Simon Quek, Sole Proprietor

"Our office has been using Germitrol 200 for 4 years. We found the air quality improved tremendously. Recently, we discovered that Germitrol 200 can also remove cigarette smoke smell....We repeated this test a few times and was glad that each time, the smell was eradicated. We bought and used several types of ionizers, but found that they cannot perform as well as Germitrol 200 on the cigarette smell."

M/s Teresa Bollard, MD, Tapelink

"Your quick response to the situation (...tapes that are damaged by bacteria growth) ....have made it possible for Tapelink to emerge as an “expert” in this area of our industry."

Asiaweek Magazine

"...kitchens around the world is exposed to a lot of air...an air purifier that kills germs.....breaks down the germs cell wall and kill them...interest in his Germitrol 200 has been strong."

Mr T. Selva, MD Ct Management Tech.

"These air sterilizers are performing well and the air quality in our offices has improved."

Mr Norman Tan, MD EL Real Estate Agency

"I am glad that my administrator and myself have carefully selected Germitrol 200 after comparing with a few others. Ever since, we note our MC rate has improved, staff has reacted positively and generally, the air in the office space is certainly cleaner"

Property Malaysia

"Germitrol air sterilizer is designed to leave workplace virtually germfree by killing germs directly using a clean physical means....it disinfects the air in the room.” Different from common air purifiers which trap germs together with dust and dirt....Germitrol kills airborne germs constantly."

Singapore Select Magazine

"Tired of coughing and sniffling? Clean the air around you with Germitrol 200....The compact size germ buster can be installed anywhere, from the ‘Sick Buildings’ and food outlets to nurseries, hospitals and your own living room"

The Health Digest

"Be assured of germ-free air with the Germitrol 200.....Fortunately for us, Germitrol 200 an air sterilizer is now available on the market."