Germ Killing

Using our Ultraviolet Light System in the air purifier, we can kill germs in the air

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Filter Fine Particles

With multi-layer filters, filter out unhealthy particles from the air you breathe

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The unit comes on wheels, making it convenient to move around if needed

Product Description

A versatile unit for use in practically any place. The Germitrol 300 serves a big area of coverage. This unit is good for most offices spaces and can help fight sick building syndrome.

Once deployed, it will effectively kill germs in bigger areas and also trap fine particles. This is an all round solution because of its dual function and the ability to be used in majority of locations.

The Germitrol 300 series is used in the commercial, industrial and domestic sectors. This includes hospitals where staff are constantly exposed to harmful germs in a wide enclosed area.


  • Portable unit on wheels
  • Kill Germs with our UVC system
  • Remove Dust in the air with our Media Filter
  • Remove Fine Particles with our HEPA Filter
  • Remove Odours with our Carbon Filter
  • Enchance Germ Killing with our Photocatalytic(TiO2) Filters.

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions
    860 x 410 x 280 mm
  • Weight
  • Input Voltage
  • Power Consumption
    Max 145watts
  • Filter Type
  • a) Honeycomb Filter
  • b) Media Filter
  • c) Pleated HEPA Filter
  • d) Activated Carbon Filter 1
  • e) TiO2 Photocatalytic Filter
  • f) Activated Carbon Filter 2
  • Area Coverage
    ~1000 sqft
  • Mounting