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Your home surface gets highly infected with viruses, bacteria, germs, etc., as it gets in direct contact with them and other air pollutants as well. Having an infected surface in the home may create a polluted environment in the house which may lead to some skin problems, breathing issues, and other health issues for humans. Hence, it is necessary to deep clean surfaces or floors with strong disinfectants daily. For this aim, we have crafted quality products for surface disinfection keeping in mind that they will remove all disinfectants without giving any harsh effects on human health and the surface.

We at “GERMITROL” have some standard surface solutions and products for your residential and commercial properties surfaces and walls that will protect them from contamination. Our wide array of surface cleaning products’ range includes Bio-Mist, Tower Sterilizers, Box Sterilizers, Bio-Fogging, and UV-C Lamps. These products are based on UV-C technology, which is useful in surface disinfection and kills bacteria, germs, viruses, and pathogens. So, if you want to keep your home or office surface safe from contamination, you should adopt our valued surface solutions that will never disappoint you and will help to maintain a hygienic effect on your property.

Our all ranges of surface disinfectant products are perfect to use in homes, schools, hospitals, offices, and other commercial properties. Hence, it is easy to keep your property’s surface clean and free from harmful elements using UV-C technology-based surface sterilizers.

What is UV-C Disinfectant for Surface Protection?

Ultraviolet light is effective to kill bacteria and viruses on the surface, floors, and walls. Hence, ultraviolet is commonly used in varied industries like food processing, surface cleaning, in-duct cleaning, water treatment, and so on. The idea of using ultraviolet-C surface disinfectants is always admirable, as they are effective to remove all disinfectants to keep the surface safe from contamination that may cause many skin problems and breathing diseases in humans.

We have laboratory-tested UV-C or Ultraviolet Light products that are good surface disinfectants that kill germs and inactivate bacteria, viruses, and pathogens on the surface and stop their growth. These UV-C disinfectants are effective to kill 99% of viruses and bacteria on the surface and help in maintaining a cleaning effect as well as hygiene on the floor.

Benefits of UV-C Surface Disinfectants

Ultraviolet disinfectants are effective to remove or kill unsafe elements from the surface and protect from it from contamination too. There are some significant benefits of using UV-C disinfectants for surface cleaning such as follows:

1. Non-Toxic Light

UV light is a non-toxic light that makes it an effective disinfectant to use for protecting surfaces and killing bacteria, germs, and viruses on it. However, UV light is also preferred and safe to use in food processing, water treatment, surface cleaning, and other sensitization work in residential and commercial properties.

2. Effectiveness

UV-light disinfectants are highly effective than other methods to kill viruses, bacteria, and germs on the surface. This light is efficient to remove a wide array of harmful organisms and also prevent growing them in the future.

3. Portability

UV disinfectant devices are portable items, which you can place or carry anywhere on your property. However, it helps you secure the surface by installing portable UV-disinfectant products in the room or area you want to keep safe from bacteria and viruses.

If you require all in all surface disinfectant solutions, you should contact us and buy our valued surface cleaning products to remove all harmful viruses, bacteria, germs, and pathogens from your property.

FAQ For Surface Disinfection

Surface Disinfection ensures for partial destruction or removal of pathogens, bacteria, and viruses on the surface.

Surface Sterilization ensures for complete removal of all harmful elements like bacteria, viruses, and pathogens on the surface and does allow growth again.

Surface disinfectants are divided into three categories such as high, intermediate, and low levels. Some of the commonly used surface disinfectants are alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, formaldehyde, and other chemical compounds. These surface disinfectants are effective to remove viruses and bacteria on the surface.

Some common methods involved in surface disinfection are surface wiping or cleaning with water, misting, chemical spraying, immersing, fogging, and mop-on methods.

Ultraviolet or UV-C disinfectants or products work well to remove bacteria and viruses on the surface. The UV-C products emit UV rays that produce excessive heat to kill pathogens and other harmful organisms on the surface.

Some widely known types of UV-C disinfectants or products are UV-C lamps, Bio-Mist, Box Sterilizer, Bio-Fogging, Tower Sterilizer, and more. All these UV products are effective in cleaning surfaces by removing bacteria, viruses, and pathogens.