Germ Killing

Using our Ultraviolet Light System in the air purifier, we can kill germs in the air

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Long Support

The 200 is our first model since 1988. We still service and provide parts for this unit presently.

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Multiple Mounting Options

The Germitrol 200 can be place on the table, mounted on the wall, mounted on the ceiling and also mounted on a trolley.

Product Description

Durable, effective germ killing machine. Singapore's first Air Sterilizer. The Germitrol 200 is our long-standing best selling model. This unit can be found in the commercial, industrial and domestic sectors. This is our first patented product and we are proud to still have demand for it.

The 200 comes in 3 different models. Each have their own strengths.

The Germitrol 200 series was designed to kill germs in the quickest way possible.


  • Many mounting possibilities with this unit.
  • Kill Germs with our UVC system
  • Remove Dust in the air with our Media Filter
  • Remove Fine Particles with our Electrostatic (Model dependent)
  • Remove Fine Particles with our HEPA Filter (Model dependent)
  • Remove Odours with our Carbon Filter (Model dependent)
  • Remarkable results such as 99.91% kill on bacteria and even up to test results such as 99.9999% kill on Staph Aureus, 99.9999% kill on Legionnaires, 99.9999% kill on Samonella and 99.9999% kill on E. Coli. Certified by CSA and UL
  • Tested by institutions such as SISIR, UKM, SIRIM, EML and various other independent bodies.

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions
    490 x 440 x 150 mm
  • Weight
  • Input Voltage
  • Power Consumption
    Max 120watts
  • Filter Combination options:
  • 200S) Honeycomb Filter
  • 200E) Activated Carbon Filter
  • 200H) HEPA Filter + Pre and Post Filter
  • Area Coverage
    ~400 to ~1000sqft(Model dependent)
  • Mounting
  • Table Top
  • Wall
  • Ceiling
  • Trolley