Ways to use Bio-Mist PM01

Here are some applications to Bio-Mist. These are just a few useful ways we find. You can use it for other things to.
Clean your face
Clean your face

Tea Tree Oil has been scientifically proven to kill germs. By misting your face, you can kill germs with the germs on your face.

    Keep your surrounding area clean
    Keep your surrounding area clean

    In an enclosed environment like a lift or aeroplane, you can use the PM01 Bio-Mister to kill germs in the air. To keep the air you breathe as fresh as possible.

      Sterilize Mask/Other Materials
      Sterilize Mask/Other Materials

      Using Tea Tree oil in the Bio-mister and misting your daily objects can help to kill germs on the surface of it.


        Here is what the PM01 looks like.


        Here are some of the reason why you should never leave home without your Bio-Mist!
        Sterilize Surfaces.
        Mist your surrounding areas or personal items to sterilize them. Best used on-the-go at restaurants, transport, work, library, etc.
        Sterilize Air.
        In an enclosed environment, when you are surrounded by people, use Bio-Mist to breathe cleaner air.
        Bring it anywhere.
        As the unit is light and portable, it is easy to put it in your bag or pocket and bring it anywhere. It is especially useful in places like an aeroplane while travelling.
        At Germitrol Biochem, our main focus is to use safe solutions to prevent the spread of germs and diseases. We do this through different biochemistry ways. Our goal is to make it easy to keep your environment clean. We do surface disinfectant via biofogging as a service to kill germs on surfaces of your home or offices.
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