Feel Refreshed

Take this portable bio-mister with you and enjoy the freshness of the mist anytime anywhere.
Used with Tea Tree oils antibacterial properties, you can use the bio-mister to disinfect your face/mask.

Features of the bio-mister PM01

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Refreshing Mist

The Germitrol PM01 Bio Mister will spray mist from the nozzle. We recommend to use this with Tea Tree Oil as there are lab reports of germicidal benefits.

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Light, Quiet and Portable

The Germitrol PM01 stands for Portable Model. This unit can fit in your pocket/bag at 32x32x100mm. Making it so easy to stay Bio Misted.

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Easy to use

The unit requires a USB cable to charge, just like your mobile phone, so its easy to pick up. To prepare the unit for use, its just about adding water and a few drops of essential oil, preferably Tea Tree Oil and you are ready to use.

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Safety Switch

The PM01 Bio-Mister was purposely designed with a slide up/down switch to prevent occurances of the unit switching on when placed in a bag or pocket.

More than just refreshing

Tea Tree Oil distilled from the leaves of Melaleuca alternifolia plant, possesses good properties like being Antibacterial and Antimicrobial. The Indigenous Australians used to use it to cure coughs.

Test it before you buy

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Applications of the
bio-mister PM01

*If you feel discomfort from using the product, please stop and see a doctor.

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Clean your face

Tea Tree Oil has been scientifically proven to kill germs. By misting your face, you can kill germs with the germs on your face.

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Keep your surrounding air clean

In an enclosed environment like a lift or aeroplane, you can use the PM01 Bio-Mister to kill germs in the air. To keep the air you breathe as fresh as possible.

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Disinfect Mask/Other materials

Using Tea Tree oil in the Bio-mister and misting your daily objects can help to kill germs on the surface of it.

About Us

At Germitrol Biochem, our main focus is to use safe solutions to prevent the spread of germs and diseases.

We do this through different biochemistry ways. Our goal is to make it easy to keep your environment clean.

We do surface disinfectant via biofogging as a service to kill germs on surfaces of your home or offices.