Disinfect your area.

Biofogging lets us disinfect your area fast and safely.
Giving you the comfort of a cleaner area without you working.

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What is Biofogging?

Biofogging is the process whereby we fog or mist the area with our disinfectant, to kill germs and bacteria on your surrounding surfaces.

Kill germs on your surfaces

By Biofogging, we kill the germs on your surrounding areas. This can be especially useful if you want to ensure that a sickness does not get spread.

Spring Clean your germs away

When cleaning, there are areas that alot of people miss. This can lead to germs growing and building up. When we biofog, we can get to these areas easier.

Helps with IAQ testing

Indoor Air Quality can be affected by the areas germs. So by biofogging, we can reduce the amount of germs that get into the air.

Why Us?

If you are concern about germs spreading through contact, biofogging can put your mind at ease, as it will kill the germs on the surfaces in your area.

No Hidden Charges



Professional & Friendly

Safe & Hassle-Free

Disinfect all surfaces

How we do it!

With our misting machine, we will biofog your area and the items in it.

As your place is

Leave your things where they are and let us do the disinfecting for you.

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Hard-to-reach areas

We can biofog most hard-to-reach areas, this includes the ceiling, walls and gaps in between furniture.

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Rest assured with our quality as our staff are friendly and careful.

About Us

At Germitrol Biochem, our main focus is to use safe solutions to prevent the spreading of germs and diseases. There are many ways to do this, we specialise in the surface disinfectant side of it.

Germitrol uses a safe biodegradable disinfectant that is registered and approved under the European Biocidal Product Regulations and the UK government. It is widely used for its proven disinfectant properties in healthcare and hospital settings, food and beverages area, poultry farming, veterinary hygiene and even aquaculturing.

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