Used by doctors (for personal protection), asthmatic patients, housewives/families...... Executives who have Germitrol 100S positioned either in front of them or behind, who instinctively lean towards their Germitrol whenever some visits their room and sneezes or coughs. They know they want to be protected from other's harmful germs. Doctors can leave their Germitrol 100S switched on, even when they leave their consultation rooms at night..... ie. the Germitrol will keep on killing airborne germs long after the doctors are at rest at home. Its nice to know that you enter your consultation room (or any other room that you occupy) where the room has been treated / processed with our well designed Germicidal Chamber found within each Germitrol.


    It's A4 compact size also means that you can carry along with you in any overseas trip.....think....are hotel rooms like your bedroom....obviously not.....hundreds of people would have used that same hotel room before you.....would some of these people be sickly....transferring the unwanted germs into the aircon system? Blue light indicator to signal that the system is working well for you. Coverage of about 100 to 200 sq ft. Tested in a chamber test in Australia with a 99.9999% kill on Staph Aureus, Legionnaire's Bacteria, Salmonella and E Coli. CSA and UL Certified. Awarded a Merit Award by the Institution of Engineers in Singapore during the strive for better environment during the Green Week. (Note: The price money was re-donated back to the institution for their development funds).

    Technical Specifications
    Dimensions 285 x 250 x 75 mm
    Weight 3 kg
    Input Voltage 220 v
    Power Consumption Max 30 watts
    Heat Deflection Temp 76 ÂșC
    Filter Type Thin, fibrous media filter / activated carbon filter
    Area Coverage About 100 to 200 sq ft
    Operating Cost About $0.56/mth
    Sound Level About 45-60 dBA
    Mounting Table Top / Wall
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